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Money Strategies that Work
Achieve a level of financial independence most only dream of. 
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Enjoy a substantial amount of retirement money through simple saving and spending plans. 
Make your own informed decisions 
The decisions you make now will affect your future.  
There’s no reason to take unnecessary risk with your money…
And there’s no reason to pay an advisor to get regular market returns. 
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There’s a lot of outdated advice on money out there—
Traditional strategies, such as buy and hold, have been around a long time. This can be a risky approach, especially nearing your retirement years because the market will fall and you will lose money. 

Depending on your age, will you have enough time to recover?    

Modern portfolio theory—this is not “modern,” it came out in the 1950s. The financial times of the 50’s are quite different than today. Where Modern Portfolio Theory may work for the GROWTH of your money, it’s a completely different story when it comes time to retire. 
Is your retirement keeping up with the times?
Technology changed.
So has retirement planning.

I'm Stephen Smith

"You DO NOT have to take unnecessary risks with your money in order to grow your portfolio and achieve your financial goals in retirement."
I’ve been in the financial services industry since 1991. I believe you DO NOT have to take unnecessary risks with your money in order to grow your portfolio and achieve your financial goals in retirement.

There are many ways to approach your financial success and it is certainly not a One Size Fits All.

My clients wear all different sizes because each financial goal and retirement need is different. If you are unsure of the fit of your current financial plan, I would be happy to sit with you and help to figure it out.

"Maximize the Upside, Avoid the Pitfalls" - Barbara Breece.

Barbara is a Lindenwood University graduate with a BS in business administration and spent forty years in corporate America with seven different Fortune 500 companies in areas of purchasing, inventory control, marketing, and human resources.
Having believed she had planned well for her retirement by max-funding qualified accounts (401k, IRA, etc,), the instability of the markets, along with unexpected major family medical expenses, changed everything. She is very passionate about her work to help others avoid the same pitfalls.

"Grow Your Money AND Eliminate the Risk" - Phillip Hinds.

After spending a lifetime in the business world, from president of an industrial distribution company to a career change which enabled him to build a 25-year client-focused financial management firm, he strongly believes the principles and concepts outlined in Merle Gilly’s book, My Family Financial Miracle.
He now uses Index Universal Life insurance to construct a financial strategy that eliminates the inherent risk otherwise present in all other plans.
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“Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half. ” 
~ Bum Phillips
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CLICK BELOW to download a free chapter of My Family Financial Miracle by my friend and colleague, Merle Gilley. 

He’s helped thousands take control of their money, and you might find his ideas useful.
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